Welcome to the Game II


Reflect Studios has released the sequel to it puzzle horror game "Welcome to the Game." Welcome to the Game II follows the prequel in the sense that you’re exploring the deep web while trying to:

  • thwart hackers;
  • evade kidnappers;
  • and avoiding police detection.

Though it is similar to the first WTTG, it is not completely the same.

The Game Begins

You play Clint Edwards, an investigative reporter for an online leading site. Edwards works on cases of disappearance and murders and is about to make a breakthrough on a case. Edwards lives in a small studio apartment. He has a computer system that he uses to investigate the deep web.

The game starts with Edwards receiving a call from an unknown source. The unknown caller sends Edwards a link to a scene of a girl (Amelia). Amelia is asking for help on a live stream site called Dead or Not. She appears to be stuck in some unknown location. Ameila says that the "Noir" are out to get her because she got on their bad side. The "Noir" are a mysterious shadow-web based cult and act as the main antagonist of the game.She claims that there is blood on the floor before the live stream cuts out.

How to Play

The unknown caller will give you a tutorial of the game after the live stream video cuts off. The unknown caller will give you some background information. He will then explains how the dark web works. He will teach you how to avoid getting hacked. Because players will experience this quite many times while playing. There are puzzles you have to solve and mini games you play to thwart attacks. You’re advised to always change your network from time to time. This is important because it will keep you from getting kidnapped or raided by the police.

DOS coin is the cryptocurrency used in the game. The player uses DOS coin on the deep web to make purchases and make upgrades. A drone will deliver your purchased items to the dead zone.

Explore Your Environment

Players can explore their environment in Welcome to the Game II. You can walk around your apartment and explore various rooms. You can pickup some objects; and turn the lights on and off. There are places to hide and peek from when you feel some creep stalking you. You are able to roam freely about the apartment; the very long stairways hallway; and even the alley. Yes! You even get to walk in the alley. The alley is dangerous, so be careful.

Dangerous Encounters

Hackers aren't your only threat. You have to worry about “The breather." He wears a hoodie and a surgical mask and hold a dagger. You also need to worry about getting raided by the police. The game is over once you’re killed by the breather or busted by the cops.

In Closing

Welcome to the Game II really keeps up with the horror genre as it incorporates modern fears to illicit feelings of being watched. Players may experience a degree of paranoia while playing this game because the experience feels very real. I really felt like I was conducting a real investigation on the deep web at times. Welcome to the Game II game is really fun and interesting to play. The challenges are suspenseful and the sudden happenings are alarming. I highly recommend it for those who enjoy puzzles and the lore of the dark web.

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