Welcome to the Virtual Red Room!

Imagine being Jigsaw’s apprentice. You get to set up creative puzzles and witnessing people undergoing unsurmountable torture. Perhaps you prefer pleasure over pain and would rather indulge in carnal desires. Maybe you want to bring darkest corners of your imagination to life. What if i told you that you can do this without ever doing anything illegal? Sounds fascinating right! Welcome to the world of virtual reality! It is now possible to experience your darkest pleasures. Which are almost impossible to fulfill otherwise. Below are a few ways in which you can bring to life the shadiest parts of your imagination.

1. Torture Games

Torture games are role playing games designed specifically where you can let out all your sadistic frustration by brutally beating, mutilating and even killing people. It is a near to reality episode. At the beginning of the game a person is tied to a chair or bed in front of you, and you have the option to use the available set of tools to torture him/her. The experience is satisfying in a way that you can let out all your rage in the most brutal way against the people you otherwise can’t even touch in real life.

2. BDSM Games

Similar to torture games are BDSM games, with a set of characters you can chose from to unleash upon the beast inside you. The characters range from celebrities to politicians. The near to reality experience takes you into the realm of darkness, where you are free to do whatever you want, it’s your kingdom and with the available toys you can unleash more shades upon them than the fifty shades of grey.

3. Snuff Movies

Another dark pleasure becoming possible with the help of virtual reality are snuff movies. You get to view the happenings from a perspective as if you are standing in the room, right beside the victim. The gut wrenching scenes are not easy to swallow and don’t try this if you are not into the kind of stuff.

4. Red Room

Red room is another feature of the deep web that comes to life with the possibility of virtual reality. Red rooms are like a real life version of torture games, where people pay to view torture being inflicted upon subjects, screaming helplessly like an animal being slaughtered gradually.

5. Pornography

Virtual reality has already taken the porn industry by storm, instead of viewing all the happenings on a 2D screen now you can enjoy all the content in firsthand view as if you are a part of the scene. Not only this, there are interactive adult games that allow you to interact with the stars of your liking from the adult industry. The games are designed to give you an opportunity to enjoy a day out with your favorite pornstars while never having to leave your sofa ever. With all the stuff you can do using virtual reality gear, while still sitting on your couch makes the word “potato couch” a near compliment. So go deep and dark using VR while you still sit in broad daylight.







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