How Virtual-Reality Supports Alternative Lifestyles

In the Beginning...

Modern-day life dictates sexual appropriateness in terms of monogamy. Therefore, society tends to apply a stigma to those who dare venture outside this cultural norm. Openly having multiple sex partners is a sure way to be branded as unfit to be apart of the general population. As if having a liberal sex life makes you less of a person. Perhaps our promiscuous nature is part of being human.

Monogamy is a recent change in human sexuality. It only began about 1000 years ago. Before that, humans have thrived for thousands of years as polygamous creatures. Which begs the question: Are humans suited for monogamy? Considering that it runs counter to human nature, I would say no. Perhaps, if monogamy weren't the ideal relationship standard, we would enjoy a higher rate of life satisfaction. It may even lead to lower divorce rates and a better quality of life.

Alternative lifestyles

Promiscuity ranks low when competing for the public's ire towards alternative lifestyles. For many years, criticism was the least of worries for the gay and transgender community. Society treated LGBTQ members like they were less than dirt. Their sexual preference made them open targets for violence. Imagine living in fear every day of your life due to your sexual orientation.

As a culture, we are becoming more accepting of alternative lifestyles. But the days of open persecution are not entirely gone. We need to continue educating the masses and fighting intolerance - especially within our ranks.

Change comes in all forms

We have made tremendous strides forward. But our current culture's support for alternative lifestyles is still deficient. Virtual reality shows real promise in bridging the gap that ignorance has created. Virtual reality offers people the opportunity to view the world from a different perspective.

Bigots would be able to experience a world as an outsider through virtual reality. Perhaps being on the receiving end of ridicule and unwarranted attacks would give them pause. For a brief moment, they will know the hell that they had put others through.

For those who refuse to change their way of thinking, you are on the losing end of history. Technologies like VR will play a significant role in solidifying our message and uniting the masses against the intolerant. Our sermon of acceptance and tolerance will get to future generations faster than your hate. In our virtual world, you are the enemy. Now, the rest of your reality is living in fear.

Technology Unlocks Many Doors

Technology, as a whole, is somewhat of a generational thing. It has made it possible for people to connect with the world. New generations are born not knowing a world without the internet. People raised with the ability to interact with the world are more open to alternative lifestyles.

Previous generations were only able to communicate within their small community. Sharing risque interest was dangerous and had dangerous repercussions. Telling the wrong person could mean banishment, jail time, or physical violence. Today, modern technology opens up the possibility of practicing an alternative lifestyle without ridicule. People with alternative desires can form groups and support their interests. Gone will be the days of isolated interactions and supervised courtships.

As we learn more about ourselves as a species, we see a bigger picture. That picture is showing us what our genes are likely expecting from us. A culture that restricts sexuality is not one of those things. As we learn from the past, we are speeding into the future of technology—a place of possibility.

Once Taboo! Now Normal!

Virtual reality has already had a profound impact on human behavior. It will have a profound influence on human sexuality and its norms as well. Taking selfies, belfies, and nudes are examples of this. Cultures that once shunned nudity and overt sexuality in public have now embraced it. It is normal to see pictures of people in workout clothing and tight-fitting yoga pants, all of which leave nothing to the imagination. This type of imagery is no longer frowned upon and is now encouraged.

Stigmas in sexuality are changing along with the rapid advances in technology. Not only are alternative lifestyles more accessible, but they are becoming more mainstream. Virtual reality is pushing the culture toward acceptance of our natural human tendencies.

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