Sad Satan: What you need to know

Sad Satan is a computer game created with the Terror Engine. The game was first discovered June 15, 2015 on the YouTube channel known as Obscure Horror Corner. It's believed that the game's name derives from the Led Zeppelin song, "Stairway to Heaven." Led Zeppelin is a 70's era rock band whose guitar player, Jimmy Page, was rumored to have occult ties. In 1983, a televangelist claimed that you could hear the words sad Satan when played backward. Hence the name.

With a name like "Sad Satan," the controversy surrounding this game shouldn't come as a surprise. However, the title alone isn't solely to blame for the negativity which surrounds it. The game allegedly has disturbing images of murder, pornography, and child abuse — the three main ingredients for manifesting a torch and pitchfork-wielding mob.

First Version Revisited

The first version posted by Obscure Horror Corner shows a player moving through monochromatic halls. Contorted sounds layered over each other are playing in the background. As the player navigates through the corridors, random pictures of infamous people pop-up. The player will encounter people like Charles Manson, Jimmy Savile, and Rolf Harris, to name a few. Most of the images reference to torture, murder, and child abuse. Other images revolve around death-row inmates and high profile political leaders. Like Margaret Thatcher.

Kotaku, the creator of OHC, stated that the channel learned of the game from an unknown subscriber and downloaded it from a link on the deep web. The OHC shared the deep web URL with its followers. But the link provided was incorrect. OHC later reported that they intentionally gave the wrong URL due to the graphic nature of the game. This error only increased subscribers' suspicion about the validity of the game.

Sad Satan Reloaded

A user on 4chan created an uproar by claiming to be the actual creator of "Sad Satan" and that the version which OHC exhibited was not genuine. The 4chan user then followed up by posting a new adaption of the game, which has become known as the "clone." People who downloaded the clone reported seeing images of gore and child abuse. Other players stated that the game acted as a virus and corrupted their whole system.

In an attempt to prevent future downloads of the "clone," users created a "clean" version of "Sad Satan." It was mostly the same game without the vulgar imagery. The intent was to get those seeking "Sad Satan" to download the "clean" version instead of the "clone."

The Conspiracy

There are theories that the OHC is the real creator of "Sad Satan." The theory asserts that OHC manufactured the deep-web story to increase its viewership. And that the clone was to give credibility to the disturbing content of the original. Is this all true? I honestly don't know. However, I find the mystery of it intriguing and people's voyeurism most titillating.

The controversy and mystery surrounding "Sad Satan" may have proven to be the downfall of OHC. Though the channel is still active, OHC has not uploaded content since 2015. Sad Satan was the very last game exhibited. I tip my hat to the Obscure Horror Channel for bringing us the content that they did. I hope that one day they will return with more depraved material.

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