What are Red Rooms?

Marquis de Sade once said - “It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure”

A place for Sadist

The common person will find the above statement disturbing, but there are people who take pleasure in watching the methodic torture of other people. The internet has many services to offer for its sadomasochistic audiences. The elusive red room is one of these services. Red rooms are live video streaming services, found on the deep web, which allows its member to view the actual torture and killing of a person in real time. The user has to pay to register and enter the room. The session starts off with a person tied up with the face covered. The viewers have to pay again to get typing permissions; once payment is made they can write their demands to be performed on the person, the higher the payment the more gruesome actions possible.

Origins of the Red Room

The Red room entered the internet in the early 2000s as a Japanese legend about a recurring pop-up. The urban legend tells the story of a boy who was asked by his friend about red rooms, later that day when the boy is surfing on the internet a pop-up appears asking do you like....? He attempts to shut it down continuously but it keeps re-appearing, and then the message changes to do you like red rooms? With a child’s voice in the background explaining all those who have received the pop up will die. There starts appearing a list of people who have seen the pop-up and died, the list includes the name of his friend who asked him about the red rooms, suddenly the boy feels someone’s presence behind him shortly before he becomes unconscious. Later the boy was found dead, with the room painted with his blood.

Prior to this legend, the topic of Red room had been touched in movies like Videodrome (1983), Cannibal Holocaust (1980) & the last broadcast (1998). The Snuff film genre had already been around since Youtube’s early days and closely resembles the red room genre.

Fact or Myth?

A few people believe that Red rooms do not exist in reality and are only myths; two cases of real life Red room exist; first is the infamous Daisy’s Destruction case, where a teenage girl was brutally tortured and later murdered on camera and made available for pay per view, costing up to $ 10,000 per view. Peter Scully, the creator of the video, was arrested and the remains of a teenage girl were found buried under his house. The Second case was by ISIS who captured a Turkish soldier and live streamed the video of his execution. The Red Rooms websites are only accessible through the dark web; a few of the Red Room websites that have now been closed are like Bacon room, A.L.I.C.I.A, human experiment & shadow web red room. In order to access the red room websites one has to use search engines like Tor or be in contact with someone who frequents such websites.

Some of the Red room content is also available on the surface web, but it’s not everyone’s gut to digest the happenings.



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