Are we Ready for Hostel VR

Hostel, the brainchild of Eli Roth, is an American Horror movie released in the Fall of 2005. Mr. Roth must have had his finger on the pulse of humanity's dying virtue to know that we were ready for such a movie. The fact that Hostel beat out "The Chronicle's of Narnia" at the box office and in DVD sells is evidence of this. Yes! That is correct. Moviegoers around the world chose perversion and debauchery over Christian themed fantasy.

Murder Vacation

According to the movie's trailer, Hostel was "inspired by true events." According to IMDB, Roth came up with the idea for the film after "he found a Thai website that advertised itself as a 'murder vacation,' offering users the chance to torture and kill someone for the price of $10,000." The web site even had footage of an actual murder. Roth reported that he wasn't even sure if the website was real or some sick joke. The website had since disappeared, and little information is available about the site.

Sick joke or not, it planted the seed in Roth's mind, which lead him to write this taboo masterpiece. Roth originally wanted to film a documentary on the murder vacation. But, decided against it as the research would put him in harm's way. One can only imagine the trouble a person might find when researching such a topic. I promise to write a more in-depth article about the elusive murder vacation in the future.

Hostel Inspired Games

Hostel II: The Killing Floor and Hostel: Awakening are the only games that I know of which are Hostel based games. Zombie Studios produced both games and released them in 2011. Go to to find summaries of both games.

Hostel II: The Killing Floor

Hostel: Awakening

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