How Virtual Reality Supports Alternative Lifestyles

Modern-day life dictates sexual appropriateness in terms of monogamy. Society tends to apply a stigma to those who dare to venture outside this cultural norm. But the human species thrived for thousands of years without adhering to monogamy. What is now considered to be an alternative lifestyle used to be the norm.

Monogamy is a very recent change in human sexuality considering the length of humans existence. It begs the question: Are humans as a species suited to monogamy? Perhaps, if we did not have this standard as our ideal the population would have a higher rate of life satisfaction. Accepting alternative lifestyles may lead to a lower divorce rate and a higher quality of life.

What we are missing as a culture today is the support of alternative lifestyles. Such support can come from virtual realities and online interactions and communities. Virtual reality offers a forum for like-minded people to meet, and relate.

For example, many dating apps and sites allow you to select the type of relationship you are seeking. The concept of alternative lifestyles is still evolving. But for now, you can select “casual” or “not looking for anything serious” as your desired commitment.

Technology as a whole and virtual realities are somewhat of a generational thing. People who have grown up with technology and the ability to interact with people all over the world have a different concept of alternative lifestyles than generations past. Previous generations were only able to interact within their small community. Today, virtual-reality opens up the possibility of practicing an alternative lifestyle without ridicule.

Within a short period of time, all humans inhabiting Earth will have only experienced life with technology and virtual reality at their fingertips. This will go a long way toward the acceptance of alternative lifestyles. Larger groups with the same concept can form and support each other. Gone will be the days of isolated interactions and supervised courtships.

As we learn more about ourselves as a species, we see a bigger picture of what our genes are likely expecting from us. Monogamy is not one of those things. As we learn from the past, we are speeding into the future of virtual reality—a place of possibility.

Virtual reality has already had a profound impact on human behavior. It will have a profound influence on human sexuality and its norms as well. Taking selfies, belfies, and nudes are examples of this. Cultures that once shunned nudity and overt sexuality in public have now embraced it. It is normal to see pictures of people in workout clothing and tight-fitting yoga pants all which leave nothing to the imagination. This type of imagery is no longer frowned upon and is now encouraged.

Stigmas in sexuality are changing along with the rapid advances in technology. Not only are alternative lifestyles more accessible, but they are becoming more mainstream. Virtual reality is pushing the culture toward acceptance of our natural human tendencies.

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