Dark VR

What is Dark VR?

Virtual Reality content is entirely a different creed. It plays tricks with one’s mind by creating illusions and convincing the brain that a made-up experience is real. Such is the sorcery of the VR that it blurs line between reality and imagination, creating near reality experiences.

Interestingly since VR is new, no solid regulatory body exist to control the content of the VR world. Till date, VR content is at the discretion of its developers. VR World contains a lot of content which would easily get censored or banned in the mainstream media. DARK VR is all material which is taboo or controversial in the real world. The near reality experience of the VR is being fully capitalized by content developers. Developers will rush to provide all twisted forms of fantasies to its users, as the market grows. Following are a few samples of the DARK VR:

1. Gore and Torture

People are demanding to see more blood and guts as they increasingly become more de-sensitized to gore. Due to societies insatiable blood-lust, producers are increasing the graphic violence in their content to meet these demands. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is a good example of the level of violence now available in games. The game is tailor made for the VR environment taking you through the blood filled convoluted adventure full of gore and violence. Torture games are another genre available to VR users. These are role playing games designed specifically where you can let out all of your sadistic frustration by brutally beating, mutilating and even killing people.

2. Red Rooms

A Red Room is an urban legend of the deep web. Virtual reality can bring red rooms to life. The virtual realm takes the user into the grotesque world of human torture and depravity. Players can be voyeurs or active participants. It would be difficult to find this sort of entertainment through mainstream media

3. Dark Sexual Fantasies

BDSM material is being produced for vr role playing games. BDSM games gives the character the liberty to unleash sado-maschism upon their subjects using the available set of tools.

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